Drivers of fish movement through an estuarine surge-barrier: A critical study in the mitigation of mass fish kills in coastal ecosystems.

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sonya cerny
8 months ago

You are incredible, good luck my dear!

Daniel Martinez
8 months ago

I love your drive and enthusiastic outlook in everything you set your mind into, keep that passion for the environment always! Wishing you all the best in your research!

Alisha McLaughlin
8 months ago

Best of luck gorgeous x

Amber Whiteford
8 months ago

This is awesome! I hope you win :)

Shane Addicoat
8 months ago

Good Luck, Sis

Britta Muñoz
8 months ago

Amazing job! So professional!

Tyson Addicoat
8 months ago

Awesome work!

Sheridan Raiti
8 months ago

Sounds so interesting. Well done and good luck!

Darcee Rafferty
8 months ago

Great stuff

Amy Michele
8 months ago

Fantastic Video!!! You got this girl :) Good Luck!!! Xxxx

Wayne Long
7 months ago

Great work Richelle. I hope you win!!

Sian Randall
6 months ago

<3 Go Richelle !!